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Weekend in a Refuge

two days in refugio Bertone

An incredible occasion to spend two days in a mountain refuge that is open exclusively for us
In one of the most beautiful places in the Alps. The Mont Blanc countryside, from the magic of nature to the silence of the mountains will make this a unique experience!

  • 2 days

  • from  50

  • Excursion

  • 15 personne

  • 8 December - 9 December 2017

    17 February - 18 February 2018

    10 March - 11 March 2018

    7 April - 8 April 2018

    It’s always possible to spend two days in the Refuge but we have chosen some special occasions to go up as a group

Weekend in a Refuge - two days in refugio Bertone

In this adventure you’ll be accompanied by a qualified guide who has a profound knowledge of the territory and of the alpine animal life.
It’s our job and pleasure to interpret the natural wonders and explain the many cultural, historical and linguistic curiosities that we meet along the way. It seems almost impossible that after only a short walk from the village of Villair, positioned above Courmayeur, we find ourselves immerged in nature and the absolute silence that is characteristic.

The perfect place for a special weekend in Refugio Bertone, that is situated at 1985 m on the crest that dives Val Sapin from Val Ferret. We’re talking about one of the most picturesque places in the Alps, dominated by the most famous mountain in Europe, there, only a few steps from us: the majestic Mont Blanc.
On arrival at the refuge you are met with the aroma of polenta cooking on the wood stove, but above all, you get a glimpse of the manager Renzino Cosson, “historic” and expert Alpine guide, busy at his work. Renzino is one of those special people that you can be lucky enough to meet up with in the mountains, and with his warm welcome and his passion when talking about “his mountains” this weekend is made even more unique!

Participation fee

Min 1 /max15 participants.
Booking closes 5 days before excursion date.

Meeting time 14:30 first day. Excursion ends 16:00 second day

For a group of 4 – 100 euro per person
For a group of 6 – 65 euro per person
For a group of 8 – 50 euro per person

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • Qualified Guide
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Full board in Refugio Bertone ( 70 euro . Drinks not included)
Accomodation Details

Rifugio Bertone
www.rifugio Bertone.it

Rifugio Bertone (2000m above sea level) is situated in Valle d’Aosta in the Pennine Alps  above Courmayeur. It is north east of the town itself and within sight of Mont Blanc, and positioned on the Alta Via n°1of Val d’Aosta. The building was erected in 1982 in memory of the alpinist Giorgio Bertone, who was killed in a plane crash under the summit of Mont Blanc du Tacul in 1977.

Technical information

Time required to climb to refuge. 2h30- 3h00

Difference in altitude : 650m

Departure altitude: 1388m

Arrival altitude: 1985m

Departure time: 14.30 Courmayeur

  1. Clothing

    Hiking boots or heavy waterproof shoes, pullover or fleece, waterproof/windproof jacket, hat, backpack, water bottle, thermos flask and depending on type of trousers, gaiters. Camera, binoculars and head lamp are strongly advised.

  2. Climate

    Temperatures are constant during the day. In winter temperatures vary from +5° C to -10°C. This is the driest season of the year and rainfall is scarce.