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The bellowing roar of the deer

searching for the king of the forest

An excellent chance to live one of the strongest natural manifestations of our Alps. This is the mating season for deer where between fights and bellows they become the true kings of the forest.

  • 1 day

  • from  20

  • Touristic

  • 15

  • On request
    from mid-September to mid-October

The bellowing roar of the deer - searching for the king of the forest

Autumn is one of the most magical moments of the year. The conifer woods transform into colour pallets and have nothing to envy a painting by Monet. The larch in fact change colour in this season, and their needles change from a brilliant summer green to all the shades of yellow and orange. At the same time however Red Spruce and Swiss pine maintain their dark green colour, creating a variation of shades to make the mountains very colourful. Then, if the first snow falls begin to cover the high quotes, the picture is perfect.

Leaving on foot from Foyer du Fond di Flassin, in this season, the atmosphere around us is exactly the one described and a few steps away, in the Vallone di Flassin we are captivated by autumn. The chosen itinerary is short and it’s best in late afternoon, with the aid of a headlight for the return trip. This is not an excursion where the important thing is to arrive at a precise destination, but the occasion to experience an unforgettable  reality and make this outing special and unique.

You are immediately aware that you’re not alone, but surrounded by a series of sounds, deep and strong, at disturbing intervals making us think of ancestral calls. This in fact is the mating season (known as the rut) for one of the biggest mammals that lives in our mountains, the deer. In these few weeks  the stags begin to contest the hinds and their territory, freeing all their strength with their bellowing roars. This call is their way of informing other males of their presence. During twilight, in certain chosen areas, the stags meet for conflict with the clashing of antlers, to claim the highest number of females for their harem. Walking through the mountains you can feel the atmosphere of dispute, and the air is scented with the odor that the deer give off when they rub against the earth and the trees. A final surprise might await, when in the first hours of dusk, a deer leaves the woods and makes his way towards the grassland of the valley, ready to proclaim himself King of the Forest.

Participation fee

From 1 to 15 participants for each excursion. Registration closes two days before or when fully booked.

Meeting at 3.00p.m. Excursion ends 7.30pm


  • 1 person : 120 euro
  • 2 persons: 60 euro per person
  • 4 persons : 30 euro per person
  • 6 persons: 20 euro per person
  • 8 persons: 15 euro per person
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • Qualified guide throughout the excursion
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Evening meal after the excursion
  • Tourist and cultural attractions not mentioned in the paragraph “What’s included”
  • Tips and anything not mentioned in the paragraph “What’s included”
Accomodation Details

330m difference in altitude

Departure altitude : 1370m

Arrival altitude: 1700m

Length: 5 hours

Meeting place: Flassin car park at 3.00pm

  1. Clothing

    Hiking boots or strong ,waterproof shoes are necessary, sweater or fleece ,waterproof jacket , hat backpack, water bottle, thermos flask  and depending on type of trousers, gaiters. Camera and binoculars are strongly advised.

  2. Climate

    High difference in temperature between the early hours and midday. Rain isn’t frequent, but it’s best to remember that the weather can change unexpectedly in the mountains

  3. Cost for the meal

    Supper after the excursion : 20 euro. Drinks not included. RESERVATION necessary