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Snowshoes in Paradise

Valle di Rhêmes

Snowshoe adventure in the woods of the Gran Paradiso national park among chamois, squirrels and the majestic flight of the bearded vulture. An enchanted place in the high part of Valle di Rhêmes where you can have fun in the snow in complete safety.

  • 1 day

  • from  15

  • Excursion

  • 15

  • On request
    All winter

Snowshoes in Paradise - Valle di Rhêmes

The chance to walk in complete safety during the winter season is an opportunity not to miss. With the help of snowshoes, known also as “ciaspole” it’s possible to proceed on snow covered ground in a way made easy. Once the technique has been mastered, good fun is guaranteed.

Winter is a marvellous Season in the Gran Paradiso national park where, thanks to the snow, everything becomes secret and hidden. The animals that decide not to go into hibernation face a very difficult period in their life. To discover their characteristics and how they adapt, makes the day magic. The old wood that they cross is populated by hundreds of little flying habitants like the willow tit, crested tit, tree creeper and crossbill, particular colourful birds with a crossed beak which is useful for extracting seeds from larch pine cones. This provides an abundant foodstuff for the crossbill that is the only bird that nests in winter, and makes us realize how often nature is dependent on the availability of food.

A climb takes us as far as the “Sort” guards’ hut where we can eat our well-deserved packed lunch while admiring a unique and breathtaking view.

Our scope is to return home happy to have been in the mountains and so, for the descent, for those who want to try, there remains only to fling ourselves down the steep slopes allowing the soft mantle of snow to accompany us.

Participation fee

1-15 people max for each trip. Book at least two days in advance to avoid disappointment

Meeting 9.30 a.m. End of excursion 16.00

  • 1 person 150,00 euro
  • 2 persons 75,00 euro per person
  • 4 persons 35,00 euro per person
  • 6 persons 25,00 euro per person
  • 8 persons 20,00 euro per person
  • 10 persons 15,00 euro per person
The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • Qualified guide throughout the trip
  • Snowshoes and sticks (European sizes 36 and upwards)
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Packed lunch
  • Any additional tourist or cultural attraction not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
  • Any additional local transport not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
  • Tips and anything not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
Accomodation Details

Packed lunch

Departure altitude: 1700 m

Arrival altitude 2300m

Difference in height: about 600m

Meeting place: Rhêmes Notre Dame car park at 9.30 am

  1. Clothing

    Trekking boots, or strong waterproof shoes are necessary, sweater or fleece, waterproof/windproof jacket, hat and gloves, backpack, water bottle, thermos flask and depending on type of trousers, gaiters. Camera and binoculars are strongly advised

  2. Climate

    Temperatures are constant during the day. In winter temperatures vary from +5° C to -10°C. This is the driest season of the year and rainfall is scarce.