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Shetland Isles

journey to the land of the Vikings (Up Helly Aa)

Open spaces, wind from the North Sea that meets the currents from the Ocean, uncontaminated nature mixed with history and Viking legends. A place hard to forget. A journey rich in emotions. The biggest Pagan Fire Festival in Europe.

  • 7 days

  •  960

  • Excursion

  • 5

  • 26 January - 1 February 2018

Shetland Isles - journey to the land of the Vikings (Up Helly Aa)

Every January, on the last Tuesday, one of the biggest fire festivals in Europe is held in Lerwick. Around 1000 “Vikings” cross the town on the dark winter night with their torches lit, following their captain and their Viking ship as far as their chosen site for the annual fire sacrifice!

We will be kidnaped by the magic of Vikings, the beauty of the Shetland Isles, the ocean waves breaking on the high cliffs and by the indescribable northern lights, The Aurora Borealis.

It will be a week where we’ll learn the history that surrounds these islands, from the search for Celtic and Viking sites hidden on the moors, to arrive ready for the last day of the festival called Up Helly Aa!

In this season, the islands are a place for winter retirement for many species of animals native to the far north. The crowded summer colonies are replaced by hundreds of timid species that are rarely seen. The magic of nature is rich in winter too, and the mountain hare wears his enchanting white coat, often when there isn’t any snow. Here in fact the snow rarely settles, and contrary to what one usually thinks, the average temperature is milder than northern Italy.

The Shetland Islands are surrounded by seas abounding with fish and the coast is home to a vast concentration of grey seal and common seal, that over time have got used to the presence of man.  Thanks to this abundance in food, the notorious killer whale has learnt to hunt in these waters, arriving at times at only a short distance from the coast and even in Lerwick harbour. We’ll take advantage of every opportunity  to look for  the Otter, rarely seen in the rest of Europe but here he has found an ideal habitat..

And when darkness falls, with a bit of luck, we will take part in one of the most incredible spectacles created by  mother nature, the Aurora Borealis.

Participation fee

Min4/max5 people. Book before 30 November 2017

cherche une femme sur sainte-maure-de-touraine 960 euro per person

Deposit and insurance buscar pareja gratis sin registrarse 60 euro per person

For a group reservation of conocer gente para bailar salsa 5 people: 865 euro per person

Travel expenses to and from Italy have been purposely left out, thus enabling the client  to choose the preferred airport and take advantage of the various offers available on line.

We are however at your disposition to help find the best solution.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • 6 nights in a cottage
  • All transfers by minibus (fuel included) and ferry as in program
  • Qualified guide always present
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Meals. Average cost : 25 euro per day per person
  • Any tourist or cultural attractions not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
  • Excursions by local transport not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
  • Tips and anything not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included
Accomodation Details


We’ll have accommodation in the Cottage of Angus near Sumburgh.  A warm and comfortable house to sleep 5, with two double bedrooms and and one twin.

There is a fully equipped kitchen so we can prepare breakfast and our evening meal.

  1. Clothing

    Hiking boots or strong ,waterproof shoes are necessary, sweater or fleece ,waterproof jacket , hat backpack, water bottle, thermos flask  and depending on type of trousers, gaiters.

    Camera and binoculars are strongly advised

  2. Climate

    The Shetland Isles have a temperate oceanic climate with long cool winters. The average temperatures aren’t particularly low in this season with an average of 7°C. Generally the weather is windy and cloudy.

    It usually snows between November and February but it rarely settles for more than one day. Because of the latitude, on clear winter nights it’s possible to see the Aurora Borealis.  However, it’s always a good idea to be ready for an unexpected shower.

  3. Average price for meals

    The cottage kitchen is available for preparing meals, with a supermarket nearby. There are however restaurants and pubs that serve excellent food costing around 15 euro for a single course and drink, not to mention the traditional fish and chips, costing around 8 euro.( Prices vary depending on the exchange rate). The midday meal is often a packed lunch.

  4. Necessary Documents

    Valid passport or identity card.

  5. Travel Insurance

    Anyone taking part in trips organized by Tropico del Camper is protected by insurance cover AXADD3 that guarantees: medical expenses during the trip up to 30,000 euro PAX, withdrawal , 24 hour assistance, patient home transfer, anticipated return, Dispatch of urgent medicine, theft, bag snatching, robbery, luggage damage etc. Please read the clauses in the included leaflet carefully; visible for downloading on our website in the Insurance section.

    IT is possible to integrate the policy with the extension “Trip Cancellation “