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Searching for wolves

snowshoe walk for families

Easy snowshoe trek suitable for families with children, where the main theme is the return of the wolf.  We’ll discover the real nature of this fascinating hunter through educational activities and games to play together. The areas for this excursion have been carefully chosen from those where the presence of this species has been most frequently reported.

  • 1 day

  • from  20

  • Touristic

  • 20

  • On request
    winter and spring

Searching for wolves - snowshoe walk for families

After leaving our car in the Praviod Dèsot car park, where the track for Rifugio Chabod starts, we continue on the main road for about 100m towards the first bridge that crosses the Savara torrent on the left. We are in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park, in Valsavaranche , one km from Pont, destination well-known to mountaineers or ordinary excursionists who are looking for adventure and glory of the climb towards the summit of Gran Paradiso, the highest mountain in Italy at 4061m.

Before crossing the bridge to start our “ciaspolata”, we can admire the north wall of this important summit towering high above us, shaped like a pyramid and so different from the classical view we are used to seeing in postcards. After crossing the river we turn right towards a little abandoned village called Le Pessey that was once lived in all year round. Here we can still see the characteristic building techniques of these valleys, with a ground floor dedicated to domestic animals, usually only a few for each family, a first floor for the living area and the area under the roof as a hay loft. This sequence of floors took advantage of the warmth produced by the animals down below, which, especially during the winter months, rose to the floors above and thanks to the hay remained in the central living area of the house. Stone and wood were the most common materials used, being easily found locally, but also the best for keeping the building warm in winter and cool in summer. In the same way local rocks were used for roofing.  Larch was preferred for woodwork taking advantage of its strength to support the weight of heavy, winter snow falls on the rooves.

Continuing  towards the wood , a little corner of paradise, it’s easy to meet up with foxes, chamois, squirrels and tracks of invisible animals like the white mountain hare or the marten, and with a bit of luck and patience, looking up into the blue sky, see the shape of a golden eagle or  even a bearded vulture! The track will now begin to descend along the side of the mountain as far as the bed of the river passing a little pond on the left that is very often full of red frogs. From here, once having crossed a little meadow, we have the last climb of the day before arriving at Pont Djuan. In front there is the bridge across the Savara in a spectacular position allowing us to return to the other side from where the return journey starts. In about 40 minutes we are back to our starting place, ending our wonderful round circle trip in the heart of the Gran Paradiso National Park searching for wolves!

Participation fee

Min1/Max20 participants. Book 2 days before excursion to avoid disappointment.

Departure 10:00. End of excursion 15:30

180 euro / 1person

90 euro each / 2persons

45 euro each / 4 persons

30 euro each /6 persons

20 euro each /8 persons

Discount for groups

Discount for children under 12

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • Qualified guide present all day
  • Snowshoes and poles ( shoe size 36 upwards)
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Excursions with local transport not mentioned in the paragraph “what’s included”
  • Tourist and cultural attractions not mentioned in the paragraph “What’s included”
  • Tips and anything not mentioned in the paragraph “What’s included”
Accomodation Details

Snowshoe trek suitable for all the family including infants


Difference in altitude 130m

Altitude at departure: 1830m

Altitude at arrival: 1950m


Meeting place and time: 10:00 Degioz car park (Valsavarenche)

  1. Clothing

    Hiking boots, or strong waterproof shoes, pullover or fleece, wind/waterproof jacket, hat, backpack, water bottle, thermos flask and depending on type of trousers, gaiters. A camera and binoculars are strongly advised.

  2. Climate

    Constant temperatures during the day. In winter temperatures vary from +5°C to -10°C.
    This is the driest season where rainfall is rare.