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Chamois in Love

Gran Paradiso National Park

A day dedicated to chamois, one of the symbols of the Alps and of the Gran Paradiso National park that in this season reaches the height of his beauty and strength.  An unforgettable occasion where we can watch the battles between the males of this species.

  • 1 day

  • from  20

  • Excursion

  • 15

  • From mid-October to mid-December
    on request

Chamois in Love - Gran Paradiso National Park

In this season the larch trees are orange in colour and they have lost almost all their needles; the high altitude streams have begun to change into ice sculptures; the marmots have been in hibernation for more than a month. Everything is silently ready, with an inborn knowledge, that very soon white snow will arrive and cover everything – the start of a long winter.

This is the time when the female chamois is in heat. This is the time when these magnificent Alpine animals wear their dark winter coats to become the indisputable King of the vertical world. The mating period begins for chamois!

We are lucky to have the Gran Paradiso National Park on our doorstep and we are spoilt for choice when deciding where to go to see this spectacle! Looking hard towards the valley walls we can take part in this pursuit, that most of the time consists in a real test of strength.  The territorial males defend their areas all year round, but in this particular period try to drive away any intrusion to their home ground. So, this is how these incredible vertical fights begin where the duellers run after each other on any type of ground and at an incredible speed and without ever falling! Whoever is lucky enough to watch these scenes doubtlessly remains breathless.  It’s as if gravity doesn’t exist under the hooves of these magnificent ungulates.

This is one of the most beautiful spectacles that Mother Nature can give us, in a magical season in the mountains, without crowds of people or extreme temperatures to put up with.

An excellent occasion to learn how the mountains and their inhabitants prepare for winter.

Participation fee

Min 1/max15 participants. Book at least 2 days before excursion

Excursion begins at 9.30. Finishes at 16.00

180euro for 1 participant

90 euro for 2 participants

45 euro for 4 participants

30 euro for 6 participants

20 euro for 8 participants

Discount for groups!

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?
  • Qualified guide
  • Snowshoes and poles (shoe size 36 upwards)
Whats not included in this tour.
  • Packed lunch
Accomodation Details

Packed lunch

Departure altitude: 1700m

Arrival altitude 2300m

Difference in altitude: 600m about

  1. Clothing

    Trekking boots or heavy waterproof shoes

  2. Climate

    Constant temperatures during the day. In autumn/winter temperatures vary from -10°C to +5°C