Guide Trek Alps was born with the intention to present nature in an authentic and relaxing way, never in a hurry.

We try to show you the heart of the territory we are visiting, making you protagonist of the trip and not a slave of the itinerary. The true knowledge of a territory goes from meeting the local people to visiting the area.

We are experts in the field, with more than ten years’ experience in nature activities, guided walks and guided naturistic journeys in northern Europe. Our Guides are all members of the Italian Register of Guide Ambientale Escursionistiche. This guarantees the maximum professionalism and reliability during our trips.

No particular level of physical preparation is required for any of our proposals, unless otherwise indicated.

We don’t want to “disrupt” the people who walk with us, but offer them a pleasant and relaxed time immerged in nature. The scope is to return home with the desire to leave again and with the memory of the magical adventure shared with us.

Project Manager

Davide D’Acunto

Davide D'Accunto - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

My life is based on nature and wild animals. After a degree in Forestry and Environmental Sciences, I dedicated my time to scientific research regarding arctic-alpine species. Almost immediately, the desire to share my knowledge led me to become an environmental hiking guide and for more than 10 years I have been accompanying people in the Alps and northern Europe trying to transmit my passion.

Flora & Fauna

 Wildlife Technicians

First of all we are all “mad” about nature. When we want a break we all need to take a walk in the woods, climb a mountain or have an unexpected meeting with a wild animal. We are a part of the environment that surrounds us, know all about it and we love to share our knowledge with others.
Some of our team has been doing research work in environmental studies for a number of years, in particular regarding alpine birdlife.

Our research work has driven us as far as northern Europe for long periods of study, giving us the opportunity to widen our knowledge in both environmental and cultural areas. We have always liked elusive species, harder to see and study, those about which up to now few studies have been made. We were the first to capture and monitor mountain hare and ptarmigan in the Alps and discover new breeding sites of nocturnal birds of prey.

It’s with this knowledge that we want to transmit our love of the nature that surrounds us and that populates this wonderful planet.

Sea and Mountains

in contact with nature

Language Trips

Forget the idea of a classroom, exercises and senseless simulations.  We are going outside, in villages and lanes, to get a real idea with the local people …because learning a new language should be enjoyable

Northern Lights

We are working to bring unique and unrepeatable emotions to life, with the most beautiful and indescribable spectacle of our planet earth. With the music of silent colours in the sky, we will travel in search of our dreams


Having a profound knowledge and respect of nature we try to present the wild animal world on tiptoe, trying as much as possible to leave no trace of our passage


All our trips are connected to the cold and wild seas of northern Europe. It’s here where we can lose ourselves looking at infinitive horizons, only disturbed by the spray of a whale or the flight of thousands of seabirds


It’s while walking along a path that we discover the real essence of the place we are visiting. It’s with perspiration on our forehead and backpack on our shoulder that our ties are strengthened. It’s with the power of a walk we become stronger


This is the environment in which we were born and where we absorb all our energy to guide you. This is the vertical world that we want to make accessible to everyone and show to everyone its secrets.

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70 + visited countries
950 guided travelers
28,000 days trips
5,300,000 accumulated KM

Our Team

Domenico Imbimbo - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

Domenico Imbimbo

Environmental Guide

Loris Sartore - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

Loris Sartore

Environmental Guide

Enrica Fantini - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi Natura nel Mondo

Enrica Fantini

Environmental Guide

Loris Rigollet - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

Loris Rigollet

Guida Alpina


Lolita Bizzarri

Environmental Guide


Alessia Sponton

Team Supervisor

Patricia Brown - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

Patricia Brown


Jerome Jeanne - Guide Trek Alps Viaggi natura nel Mondo

Jerome Jeanne


Loris Antonin - Guide Trek Alps - Viaggi natura nel mondo

Loris Antonin

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